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Soursop (Annona muricata, Linn. (Latin)) Synonyms: - Family: Annonaceae

Soursop (Annona muricata) in the form of plant or potion that major trunked small and low. The leaves are oval shaped and somewhat thicker on the upper surface of a smooth dark green being the color of the bottom has a younger. This plant can grow in any place. But to gain a lot of fruit and large, most balk then planted in areas where the soil contains enough water. In Indonesia, soursop grow well in areas that mempuyai altitude less than 1000 meters above sea level. Soursop name itself is derived from Dutch language kuranglebih Zuurzak which means the acid sac. Soursop fruit is ripe is more sour than sweet. Soursop breeding of the best is through grafting and will bear fruit at the age of 4 years after planting.

Nama Local:
Nama DAERAH: Sirsak (Indonesia) Nangka sabrang, Nangka Landa (Jawa) Nangka Walanda, Sirsak (Sunda) Nangka Buris (Madura) Srikaya jawa (Bali) Deureuyan belanda (Aceh) Durio ulondro (Nias) Durian batawi (Minangkabau) Jambu Landa (Lampung) Langelo walanda (Gorontalo) Sirikaya balanda (Bugis Dan Ujungpandang) Wakano (Nusa Laut) Naka walanda (Ternate) Naka (Flores) AI kidding malai (Timor) Komposisi: Sirsak (Annona muricata) pada setiap 100 gramnya mengandung nilai sebanyak calories 65 calories, 1 gram protein, 0,3 gram lemak, able hidrat 16.3 grams, kalsium 14 milligram, 27 milligram fosfor, BESI 0.6 milligram, vitamin A 10 SI, vitamin B, 0.07 milligram, vitamin Dan C 20 milligram Zat 81.7 persen air. I samping itu, pada bagian Daun clan batangnya mengandung unsur senyawa tanin, fitosterol, ca-oksalat alakaloid murisine clan.

Curable Disease:
Efficacy and benefits for the treatment of:


Ingredients: soursop fruit is ripe;

Method: squeezed to take water 1 cup;

How to use: drinked 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Urine Bladder pain

Ingredients: half-ripe soursop fruit, sugar and salt to taste;

How to make: all the ingredients are cooked compote made;

How to use: commonly eaten, and performed regularly every day for 1 week in a row.

Diarrhoea baby

Ingredients: soursop fruit is ripe;

Method: soursop fruit is squeezed and filtered to take water;

How to use: drinking from diarrhea in infants as much as 2-3 tablespoons.

Anyang-anyangen (kecing but little and often painful)
Ingredients: half-ripe soursop and sugar to taste;
Method: soursop peeled and boiled with sugar with 2 cups of water; How to use: filtered and drunk.

Ingredients: 20 sheets of soursop leaf;
Method: boiled with 5 cups water to boil tinggal3 glass;
How to use: drink 1 a day 3/4 cup.

Ingredients: soursop leaves are still young enough;
Method: finely ground and added 1/2 tablespoons water, stirring until evenly distributed;

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